Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Cupcakes!

Two of my coworkers celebrated their birthdays in the last two weeks and by special request, I was in charge of cupcake making!

For Remika, she wanted Red Velvet and cream cheese frosting! I found the best new cream cheese frosting recipe. These may have been my best tasting and looking cupcakes yet!! Can I have a job at Georgetown cupcakes now please? Maybe one day!

For Tonya, I made yellow cupcakes with hot pink frosting and pretty sprinkles. They turned out so cute!

Happy Easter

I made some simple cupcakes for our family's Easter dinner. A classic white cake mix and my favorite Swiss Meringue Butter Cream. They turned out perfectly! I loved them displayed on my tiered dessert platter next to the pretty flowers! Martha would be proud!

Worst cake ever...Sorry Joe!

My poor brother! All he told me for his birthday cake that he wanted some kind of chocolate and marshmallow. Easy enough, right? WRONG! Very Wrong!

I made a rich dark chocolate cake and had attempted to make a chocolate frosting. The cake turned out very yummy, and the frosting tasted really good as I was making it! Unfortunately, when I started frosting the cake, the marshmallow was so sticky and so heavy that it started literally pulling the cake's layers apart. Finally, it formed a huge crater in the middle of the cake. Not only that, it almost pulled your teeth out trying to eat the frosting!!!

Sorry Joe! I'm going to make it my mission to find a better marshmallow frosting for next April :)

I'm embarrassed to even show these pictures, but it's so pathetic that it's funny! Enjoy!

Christmas Cookies!

One of my favorite traditions is making Christmas cookies every winter. This winter, I made sugar cookies, Russian tea balls and chocolate chip cookies. My favorite part is eating the dough :)

A Taste of Spring

Fast forwarding to Spaghettin Night 2010 at my cousin Emily's house...

I made a Coconut Cake with ginger lime curd. The frosting was a variation of cream cheese/coconut. The whole cake was covered with coconut. Very yummy and fresh for a cold day in spring! Recipe found at cake central.

Happy Turkey Day..8 months later!

I'm blaming my lack of blogging on moving into a new house and having a new focus...wallpaper removal and home repair!

These are the cupcakes I made for Thanksgiving (2009). If I can remember correctly, I took these cuties in to work to share with my coworkers...who are becoming cupcake connoisseurs by now. I test out all sorts of new recipes on them, and i'm pretty sure they enjoy it!

Again, I got the idea for these cupcakes out of my new favorite cupcake book. (Same as the Halloween monster cupcakes)

They were a lot of fun to make, and they are so cute!! They are a little difficult to travel with. I think I lost a few turkey feathers and beaks!

A Different Kind of Cake

Instead of butter and sugar, this cake's made of diapers and a secret surprise inside holding it together! I made this diaper cake for my cousins Hannah and Steve who have already had their baby girl, Lily, for awhile now. (Sorry for the LATE LATE posts)!

The diaper cake was so fun to make and turned out so cute, that I had to share it. Interested in making one for an upcoming baby shower? I followed these fairly easy instructions:

P.S- Most diaper cakes use baby lotions or bubble bath as the inside support/base, but this one uses champagne!!