Friday, February 8, 2008

Cakes I have made so far: Part 2

This is probably my favorite cake so far! For taste and for looks. Red velvet cake is so pretty and it tastes so good!

I made this cake for Christmas 2007, and it was a big hit! I got the recipe from The December 1998 edition of Southern Living Magazine. Basically it's a white/redvelvet marble cake with peppermint cream cheese frosting...YUM! I garnished the top and bottom with crushed and whole candy canes, starlight mints, and sugared mint leaves and maraschino cherries.

One of my favorite things about this cake, besides being delicious, was how pretty it looked when you cut a slice out of it. I thought it was the perfect dessert for Christmas!

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*eMily * said...

Hey Lucy! This one is my favorite!! You did a smashing job! =) Gotta get this recipe from you I have a girlfriend who LOVES peppermint & would love this cake. Maybe I'll surprise her with it one day!! You do great work, keep it up! Can't wait to taste more of your creations....